R. E. Lopez & Associates has handled serious personal injury cases throughout the great state of Texas. Our personal injury lawyers in Lubbock, Austin, El Paso, Odessa, Dallas, Plano, Amarillo, Houston, and San Antonio have the experience in handling personal injury claims that you will need.

Our success is based on a few basic principles:

    • We believe that we must have the resources available to do first class work for you. We have an experienced staff of bi-lingual personal injury lawyers, including an in-house investigator, videographer and graphic artist, and a  medical records department.


    • We hire the best expert witnesses available. We will invest the time, effort and money that a case needs. We stay in constant contact with our clients.


    • We believe that our cases must be actively prosecuted. A lawsuit is not like fine wine.; it does not improve with time. We conduct monthly case meetings with our entire staff to review our case list and ensure that each case is moving forward. We place all litigation files on a scheduling order with the court so that there is a trial setting with deadlines to move the case forward.


    • We believe that client communication is essential. We make ourselves accessible to our clients at all times. In most cases, our clients have our cell phone numbers so they can reach us anytime.



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