Forklift Injuries and Accidents

Forklift Accident and Injuries Need to be Acknowledged Immediately

forklift accidentsDue to the size and weight of the equipment involved, forklift accident injuries are potentially very dangerous. Far too often, the injuries incurred by forklift accidents are caused due to the equipment operators lack of attention, or refusal to follow forklift specific safety regulations. Careless forklift operation can result in the victim being run over or crushed by the equipment, falling, or something falling on top of them.

Litigation for these cases is difficult and very complex due to the vast number of safety regulations regarding the operation of a forklift. The safety policies and training provided by the company are examined to determine whether they are sufficient. There are incidents of companies selling or transferring a forklift the day the accident occurred to make evidence more difficult to procure. Once hired, R.E. Lopez & Associates can send a preservation of evidence letter and, if needed, file a temporary restraining order to prevent the tampering, alteration, or destruction of evidence. Our firm makes it a priority to visit the accident site as quickly as possible following an injury to collect evidence, including photos, witness names, and contact information. This will be useful later in the case when we go to deposition.

Like any personal injury claim, it is critical to retain the right legal team as soon as possible following the accident. Some victims are wary of hiring an attorney out of fear of retribution from their employer. The victims first priority should always be following the care instructions of their physician. Secondly, they should hire an attorney to represent them, as their employer has probably already done the same.

If you’ve been injured by a forklift accident, contact our office today for a free, no obligation consultation, and let us fight for the compensation you deserve.


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