Construction Injury and Accident

Construction Work Accidents and Injuries

Construction work is dangerous and injuries do occur. When they do you need a professional lawyer on your side.

construction worker injuryR.E. Lopez & Associates has handled numerous construction accidents that resulted in severe injury or death. In many cases, our team can prove that the contractor violated the safety regulations. Our team works with OSHA safety experts regularly, and we are familiar with OSHA standards and regulations. These OSHA experts will evaluate the situation that caused the injuries and will help to establish a case of negligence.

R.E. Lopez & Associates has handled construction site falls, unguarded drop openings, and unstable construction materials that have fallen and caused severe injury and death. We have also handled cases of electrocution, trenching collapse, and crushing accidents. Our team will work with investigators to ensure that evidence is quickly preserved, and that the investigation is handled properly. We will determine what parties are potentially liable and identify and verify insurance coverage to maximize the compensation we are able to secure for our client.

If you have been the victim of a construction site accident injury, contact the law offices of R.E. Lopez & Associates today for a free, no obligation consultation, and get the compensation you deserve.


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