18 Wheeler Accident in Dallas Texas

Injured in an 18 Wheeler Accident in Dallas Texas?

18 wheeler accident dallas texasR.E. Lopez & Associates – 18-Wheeler Accident – Dallas, TX 

Accidents involving 18-wheelers or commercial vehicles are often the result of fatigued driving or distraction caused by boredom. When a truck driver makes a long commute, the risk of fatigue increases, and so does the possibility of an accident. It is important to begin collecting evidence as soon as possible after the accident. We will request a copy of the commercial driver’s cell phones records including text messages, phone calls, and internet usage history to determine whether the driver was distracted by a cell phone at the time of the accident and help our team of experienced attorneys to build your case.  

Because standard passenger vehicles are so much smaller than commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers, anytime an accident occurs, there is a high risk of serious injury or death. When an accident like this occurs, our firm will hire sleep deprivation experts to prove the dangers associated with fatigued driving, giving us a firm foundation to build your case. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle or 18-wheeler in the DFW metroplex and have sustained an injury, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will arrange for the best medical treatment at state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the fastest recovery possible.  

Commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers are typically outfitted with data recorders and a GPS system that monitors the vehicles movements. These systems provide can provide crucial evidence that can tell us if the steering wheel was turned, if cruise control was in use, the speed of the vehicle, and if the brakes were engaged at the time of the accident. In some commercial vehicle and 18-wheeler accident cases, we discover that the vehicle was in violation of maintenance or service requirements at the time of the accident, which helps to build your case.  

The Department of Transportation, or DOT, carefully monitors and regulates the operation of commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers. They require stringent pre-employment screening and regular drug testing for all registered commercial vehicle operators. The DOT enforces a strict policy regarding how long a driver can operate the vehicle within a 24-hour period. This reduces the risk of fatigued and distracted driving and keeps everyone safer on the road. The DOT also requires that drivers perform routine maintenance inspections on their vehicles before and after every shift make sure that any issues are addressed before operating the vehicle.  

While most commercial trucking companies are aware of the rules, regulations, and policies that apply to them and have no issue with compliance. Unfortunately, some companies are unaware of, or blatantly ignore these regulations, and even offer employees incentives to work longer hours and drive at higher speeds than allowed by federal law.  

If you’ve suffered and injury due to an accident with an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, the law will allow you to seek financial compensation for property damage, lost wages, medical bills, and the loss of future earnings. At the law firm of R.E. Lopez & Associates, our team of experienced and highly skilled attorneys have been successful in prosecuting many commercial vehicle accident cases, and we will fight to get you the compensation and justice you deserve.  



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